WinRar and zip password remover

Each of us uses rar peaks of several important reasons. First, let us save you some space on your hard drive, or send e-mail several files into one package. Rar format has become very popular, practically most of the files you download from the Internet is in rar format. This format also allows you to password protect our files. Without it, not decrypt the file. It often happens that you forget the password or have the rar file to which we do not know the password. With the help comes to you winrar password remover program so that without any trouble remove password from any zip file. Winrar password remover operates in two modes, recovery and remove. Remove mode allows you to completely remove the password of the rar file and the recovery mode allows you to recover your password. The program also supports multi-threading mode so that the operation of clearing the password is much faster because the program uses the full power of your PC. Winrar password remover is also equipped with four algorithms to decrypt passwords. When deleting a password, you can select one of them.

Winrar password remover

  • Remove and recovery rar password
  • 4 algorithms for the removal and recovery of password
  • Supports up to 100 threads at the same time
  • Automatically check for updates

How to recover or remove password from rar file using winrar password remover?

  • Click on the Choose File button, and then select the zip file you want to remove password
  • Go to the options
  • Check how many threads to be used by the program. The more threads the more load on your computer
  • Select the algorithm to be used by the program
  • Go to the main
  • Check whether the program will have to remove the password or recover them
  • Click on the start button